Monday, February 09, 2009

The Juggler

And the Weekly Round-Up. Yeah, I know it's Monday but there was a tribute a day for almost the whole week. So here we are (I am) again figuring out where the week went. I know that I've spent nearly all of today writing one little letter. Geez. As a matter of fact, I did the first draft of it yesterday. And the whole letter is only 276 words. How lame does that make me?

What else? Well, I was pretty busy. Working at least 12 hour days. And I'm pretty sure I have something to show for it somewhere. I spent all day and all night (well, 'til 1am) rewriting a screenplay that I need to send out to a producer. I thought it would be a quick check for typos rewrite but as I was reading the first five pages I had no idea how I went from one scene to the next. The transitions completely sucked. And it really freaked me out. I guess the last time I was working on it, I knew it so well that I filled in the blanks as I read. But this time I'd forgotten the story so my a-b-c read like a-c. And a couple of the main character intros were lazy and gave no character whatsoever. It got a lot better after the first fifteen and in some parts I found myself wondering what was going to happen next...even surprised. More evidence to my early onset of some sort of mental disorder, I'm sure.

Much of the week was spent opening new doors. Figuring out how to keep the House of Chesher standing. I'm close to finalizing a contract for a very cool new version of Everybody I Shot Is Dead, although it's a little too early to reveal now...but something to look forward to. We had another meeting on the TV pitch thing with the guy we pitched to a couple of weeks ago. We figured some angles out on that and now have another meeting coming up next week with some more people. I digitized 5 mini DV tapes we shot on the show and now I think I want to learn Final Cut Pro and Studio Pro.

I finally got all the credits together and sent off for the Mick Fleetwood DVD I, that only took two and a half months. Is time going by faster or am I just incompetent? I think it's part of my creative process. I work completely by feel...which means I procrastinate a lot...but when a deadline nears everything always seems to come to fruition. Speaking of letting things go, I finally invoiced a couple of people for things that should have billed almost a year ago. And I still have more of that to do. I also have a ton of accounting to catch up on and I also need to reconcile my accounts with my book distributors. That should be fun. Not.

And finally, last week Pumpkin decided she likes to eat negatives. As in photographic negatives. As the picture of the day, here is the neg sheet that Pumpkin ate...

I had to take the separated piece out of her mouth. I was in the room at the time. I heard an odd noise and looked to see what she was doing. It couldn't have taken her more than 30 seconds to do the damage.

Here's the close-up of the frame she tore apart...

Fortunately, she didn't chew up the neg to my most favorite picture ever (I have no idea what the neg would be), because if that happened...well, use your imagination. I'm just happy to know that my pictures are tasty. That's gotta mean something. And I learned that I can't leave that box of all my vintage photos sitting out on my office floor.

Decided to scan some of my favorite juggler shots. I remember shooting these like it was yesterday. The guy's name is Stephen (okay, it was written on the neg page) and I met him somewhere and asked if I could take some pictures of him. See how well I remember yesterday?

I do remember wanting to get all four of his balls in a row. Yes, he had four balls. This is the closest I got. In only three tries. Trust me, I made it look easy.

This is another favorite that Pumpkin got the best of. Can you imagine my position when I took it? The white schmutz on the bottom is the glassine stuck to the negative courtesy of dog spit. The big black mark? That was made by Pumpkin's tooth. Hopefully I can clean the neg and retouch the rest.

This a a version of the above...just not as good.

And cute is this? I would love to find this girl (and Stephen for that matter) so if anyone knows who either of them are please get in touch. The photos were taken in Vancouver and the girl would now be in her *gulp* 30s.

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