Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oscar® Madness

Let's have a little fun here. I usually do really well picking the Oscar® winners...except when I post them for the world to see. So, the fun here is making myself look like an idiot. This is where I pick what I think will win, not necessarily what I think should win.
I liked SM but I also think Frost/Nixon is a great movie. CCBB was good. The Reader didn't do it for me. And I have to confess I haven't seen Milk...yet.
Boyle won the DGA award. Again, F/N was Howard's best movie to date.
This one is tough...I haven't seen Happy-Go-Lucky or Milk. Frozen River is a very good indie film. In Bruges was a kick-ass politically incorrect in all the right places laugh-out-loud comedy and should win. But, I think it's going to Milk.
SM has already won all the writing kudos. Again, Frost/Nixon would be the only competition here. Doubt didn't work for me.
I think Mickey will win because he has the momentum and everybody loves a comeback. I thought he was great in the movie but I don't think it was much of a stretch since he was basically playing himself. I do look forward to what he'll say this time about his dogs, especially the one that just died. I bet he dedicates the Oscar® to it. I didn't see Sean Penn, who is Rourke's main competition...but I do think Frank Langella had the best performance of the group.
Not a fan of The Reader but Kate did a good job. I did not like Rachel Getting Married nor the supposed stretch performance from AH. Didn't think Angelina's performance in Changling was worth an Oscar® nod, but Melissa Leo's performance in Frozen River definitely was.
Duh. Even if his performance wasn't the best, which it was...nobody can beat the dead guy.
I didn't see VCB so this is a complete guess. All the other actresses were certainly worthy but I think PC will win.
No idea. Haven't seen any of these yet.
Wall-E was the only one I saw. It didn't slay me like most people. But it will win.
Haven't seen these yet but I'm thinking Man on Wire is a safe bet.
Seen none. No idea.
I heard it was about the Holocaust.
The score ran loud in the screening I saw, but it was interesting and different.
I think Springsteen should win for the The Wrestler, but...oops...the Academy forgot to nominate him. I'm giving it to Peter Gabriel only because I don't think the voters will figure out which song is which in SM.
I should be better at these categories. Another guess. It's gotta win something.
It wasn't groundbreaking but why not? Didn't see The Duchess but it is a "costume movie" so I guess it should win.
Didn't see Hellboy 2, thought Two-Face looked ridiculous so it goes to Brad's make-up, but not for making him look old. I'm giving it to them for how he looked on the sailboat when he de-aged to his twenties. I need that make-up person.
I dunno.
Seen them all but it's still a guess.
The visuals of Brad appearing small were pretty much flawless.
Hmmm...let the trophy flow continue.

I'm guessing the Oscars® will be as self-congratulatory as every other year. And they will run overtime. They're trying to boost the ratings by not telling us who the presenters will be. They have an actor emceeing instead of a comedian. Where is Bob hope when we need him?

I'll weigh in with a full report on you don't have to spend your Sunday glued to the tube.

Oh, wait a second. I need a picture.

Got it.

The perfect photo for this post...a shot I took Mickey Rourke after a screening of The Wrestler...

That will be all. Class dismissed.

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I loved your commentary! I think your predictions are very likely. I must say I'm so thrilled about Slumdog Millionaire. I still gush about the movie to anyone who hasn't seen it. The Reader sort of repelled me. I hated all the characters and the film was 100 shades of gray, although I understand the portrayal. It was just such a miserable unhappy story, but indeed Kate Winslet was memorable. I have to disagree with you on Angelina, though. Her performance was so convincing to me that I forgot who she is in real life. So intense.