Monday, February 02, 2009


I've finally come out of hiding - or out of the Dark Ages as some would say - and signed up on Facebook...'s like taking on a whole new addiction. Another procrastination outlet. What have I done? Too late now.

It's not a very good feeling to sign up and see you have 0 (yes, that's ZERO friends), so I put my address book in when it said it could see who I know on Facebook. That garnered some friends, including a guy I don't know who was mistaken for another guy with the same name who accepted me as a friend and then sent a message "Do I know you?" We had a mutual friend so I guess that was good enough for him. It was very exciting when people I know friended me before I had a chance to friend them. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and you jump up and down and say, "Yay, somebody likes me."

It was kinda hard for me to put a profile photo up there. I barely look in the mirror, so it's not much fun to see my own picture. And, I just found out that people can tag me in photos and they'll show up on my Facebook page. That's a little scary for me so let me put this out there right contract in life says I have photo approval.

After a while of thinking and soul searching, I started with my publicity shot taken by the ever brilliant (she can make anyone look good)...

...but it felt a little narcissistic, as in trying to trick people into thinking I actually look like this, so I went with this one that my mother took of me and Drama at the dog park... everyday look (I'm the one on the right).

I have no idea how the whole Facebook thing works. I want to put up some of my photography...Tyler showed me how to make an I'll get to that sooner or later. I totally don't understand the networking blog thing. I saw friends who have their favorites blogs listed but when I clicked on them a message box came up saying something like, "everything on your facebook, including but not limited to all your information and all your friends and their information, will be sucked into a super vortex where you will definitely not live happily ever after. Do you still want to open this network?" Can someone please explain this feature to me and its usefulness?

The other thing I've been wondering about is Facebook etiquette. What are the dos and don'ts? How easy is it to piss people off (just in case there's someone I want to piss off)? What is the line in the sand that I don't want to cross? And where is it located? Is there a Facebook charm school I can attend? What are all these groups that people join? Do you have to be a group-type personality to join a group? Why do some people have more than one Facebook page (ahem, Fred Durst) so you can't figure out which one is really theirs?

I must say I am fascinated by the security whatchyamacallits that you have to type in a box so your message can be sent. Why do they put there lines through them so they can't be deciphered by anyone short of Einstein? I can't tell you how many times I had to click 'try another set of words' option. Sheesh. And the words? Who thinks these things up? "yesterday's storm" "peterkin houses" "eagle wednesday" and my favorite, "etude henrietta"

I already have 57 friends...okay, I know that's a sad number in Facebook terms but I just signed up on Saturday. But you can help me add to that, right? You can add me by searching my name, Deborah Chesher...wait, I better check and see if there are more than one of me...nope, I'm the only one. Ha, ha...I did a search with my name and it put a message box in that said, "Note: You can always find and click on your own profile in Search."...when they should have said, "Why the fuck are you looking for yourself. Are you lost? Or just a sad, loser, egotist? I bet you check yourself out on IMDB too, don't you?"

Anyway, I'd be happy to have you as my Facebook friend (I think). So, if you want to be my friend (geez that sounds pathetic...give me a week and I'll probably be back here offering cookies to anyone who will be my friend), send a note to let me know that you read my blog. Truthfully, and in all seriosness, I would really love to know more about the people who read the words I write here.


Steve B said...

Well, I'd like to be your friend on Facebook, but when I search for your name it doesn't come up. I'm new at Facebook, too, so I may be doing something wrong...

Chesher Cat said...

I had my settings protecting me like I'm Fort Knox. Try again.