Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Malcolm and Michael

Today we celebrate two birthdays. First, Malcolm Roberts who would have been 65 today.


And, then I decided I couldn't let the day go by without honoring Michael's birthday. He is not in but the amount I hear from him these days I sometimes have to wonder if he packed it in so he could be in the sequel. After all, he is a rock star. If for no other reason than having appeared on my . He was also the first person to make a comment on my blog, although I'm pretty sure he hasn't visited since. That makes 427 posts that you need to catch up on, M.G.

He is also a rock star because he's an amazing musician and he writes great songs. But he's mostly considered a rock star because I took pictures of him onstage at the Universal Amphitheater back in 1977. Oh, did I forget to mention he's rock star hot?

And who is that back-up guy?

The tour was in support an album he did with ex-bEagle, Bernie Leadon. Their band was called The Leadon/Georgiades Band and the album is and it still holds up...so check it out.

I went looking for Michael on youtube and only found two. At first, I thought I'd put up the one called As Time Goes On, since it is a song from the Natural Progressions album. But then I figured it might piss him off because even though it's a song he and Bernie did together, the visual is a "This Is Your Life" compilation of Bernie, without a single frame of Michael. So, it's just best if I don't post it in case he sees it and never speaks to me again (which would not be so far from how it is these days)...

So, in an effort to keep our deep friendship, I'm going with this other track off the album. Although Bernie has the lead vocal, at least the visual is the album cover with Michael included so it appears as if he had something to do with the project...

Happy Birthday, MG...with lots of love.

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