Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photography (Things)

If I ever had a God complex it's gone as of today, because I didn't get one second of rest on this seventh day. It started with my monthly writers group from 10-12:30, then I wrote on the reality show with my cohort from 12:40-6:20 at Starbucks - straight through with no munchies...just two cups of decaf. Got home at 6:30 and scarfed down some food (you have no idea how ravenous and hypoglycemic I was at that point). Did a little organizational work, then was on the phone with my producing partner from 8-10:45 working on the budget for the movie.

I hung up with him and pulled these pictures and converted them to a manageable post size in order to complete the second half of yesterday's rant. This time it's photographs I took that focus on things rather than people so it's more about lines, spaces, movement and, of course, composition. I guess you could say it's how I see the world around me.

Again, these are all taken with my iPhone camera and are not cropped or retouched.

Apple NYC
I like pretty much everything about this photo, but I'm
especially drawn to the shadowy figures in the bottom half.

Tube Man
I like the perspective in this shot and the movement that defines
the speed to the train compared to the lack of speed of the man walking.

Palm Springs
I love the fact that when people see this on my phone they are baffled.
Maybe it's easier to figure out on here.

I like the red lights and the vertical red streaks
in combination with the horizontal streaks of white light.

I like the contradiction of the precise and static
row of lights below the free waving flags.

Mind The Gap
Best phrase ever.

I love the angle from above, the elegance of the lights and
the perfection of the place coupled with the imperfection that is people,
especially the blurred guy going up the stairs.
I also love the face that all the green patches are real growing grass.

This is a bonus photo that I took on my way home from Starbucks tonight. I took it very quickly through the car window so it's not a great example of anything except maybe subpar photo-journalism on the fly.

That's a pulverized motorcycle on the ground. I like the guy on the right...
I think he's kicking debris out of the lane but it looks like he's dancing.

And now I sleep.


Anonymous said...

Oh dog, I recognise some of those! Especially love the Streatham hard tough-nut and the one of shadows you took that day we went village hunting.

Do you know, that was nearly a year ago? Bloody blimey.

Hug x Caroline.

Chesher Cat said...

I know...sometimes it seems like ten years ago but mostly it seems like yesterday.

BTW, you are number one on my list of people I owe emails to...I'm sooo bad...we need to catch up.

Do you have Skype? Then we could talk...for free.

I miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I do indeed have Skype. And now that I'm emerging from a long, dark tunnel, I might even have time to talk. Will email you details.

Miss you too.