Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Following up yesterday's post "Last Night" here is "Today."


I was still bagged from "Last Night" last night but then I couldn't get to sleep and of course today was a major crazy (but fun) day. The days I get a lot accomplished are always fun.

I have some very cool things in the works - my movie, for one, and that something with Everybody I Shot Is Dead that I just can't talk about yet - and I made some progress on both of those projects today through a couple of meetings, a bunch of phone calls and endless emails etc, etc, etc.

So, now I'm not only bagged from "Last Night" and last night, I'm also bagged from today. And I'll be even more bagged by the time morning rolls around because I'm getting myself packed up (yup, that entails laundry) to fly the stormy skies up north for a quick trip to the Bay Area. Miss J needs me. Not for her ongoing brain seems they have finally figured out how to keep her valve adjusted correctly so she's doing really well on that front. This time she is getting her wisdom teeth extracted - geez, it's always sumpin' - as well as another doctor's appointment that requires my assistance.

I plan to get a ton of writing done while I'm there. And some design work done. And maybe even a little sleep?

Now, just for fun, can anybody identify my picture of the day?

I'll give you a hint. I took it.

That is so not a hint. I just wanted to make sure I credited myself. I'm weird that way.

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Steve B said...

Glad to hear things are coming together for you, and that your daughter is doing well. Good luck to her on the wisdom teeth. As for the picture, well let's see - Bay area, red steel, oh, I don't know, the GG bridge?