Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Little Help From My Friends

I'm reaching out for a little help from my friends. Since I consider every person who stops by my blog a friend, that means you. And you. And you.

I need to sell 150 copies of

in the next 6 days.

Here's the deal. You have to purchase the books directly from my website - don't worry about security 'cause all the orders go through Paypal and they don't let me see any of your personal information other than your name and shipping address. All the books will be signed by the author. Oh wait, that's me. Yeah, I'll sign the books and even personalize them to whoever you want if you put a note on the order.

And as a bonus, since this is A Little Help From My Friends, I will include a special edition 8.5x11 signed inkjet print of Ringo for your framing pleasure.
For those friends who already own a copy of my book, I hope you'll consider buying another as a gift for a friend or even your local library (and you can keep the print).

If you can't help directly, I would appreciate it if you could link this post on your blog or facebook it or send it to all your friends and ask them to send it to theirs or twitter it or viral it the old fashioned way - you know, just open your window and shout it out to the masses.

Click to check it out:

And I thank you very much in advance.


Anonymous said...

...make it 149. Just PayPal'ed for a copy of EISID. These are the artists I listened to on the radio growing-up in Chicago in the late-'60's and early-'70's. I've seen your photos in other places over the years, many of them (like Terry Kath on stage in the Rangers jersey) forever etched in my mind simply because those artists are gone and aside from their music, this is the permanent memory I will have of those people. Now, I have to have this book.
Your blog is entertaining and your photographs are extraordinary. Feel free to substitute the Terry Kath or Paul Butterfield photo in place of the bonus Ringo Starr picture! Keep up the great work! tony b.

Steve B said...

I'm in, too. I've been meaning to get a copy, and now is the time! I'm really looking forward to checking it out!

Chesher Cat said...

@tony b. - thanks so much for being my first ;). Sorry I can't substitute the print. You know how it is, if I do it for one...and there wouldn't be enough time in my life to do set-ups and printing on 150 different photos. However, I could make you a good deal on a Kath of Butterfield print as I have a couple in stock. Email me if you're interested.

I just keep wondering why nobody likes Ringo?

@Steve B - Dude, I thought you already had my book. I can't believe it. I'm now working out what I'm going to write in yours.

Steve B said...

It wasn't from lack of wanting it, just always something, or someone wanting to be paid first. Screw 'em, it's my turn...haha