Monday, March 23, 2009


Check this out...

They're the latest thing in iBuds for your iPhone.
Apple Krinkle iBuds.
They're so new, you can't even get 'em yet.
But I got 'em.
And I'm gonna tell you how you can get 'em too.

Apple Krinkle iBuds Recipe
Crunch your iBuds into a ball.
Put your iBuds in your jeans pocket.
Forget they're there.
Put a load of dark clothes in the washer.
Include your jeans.
Add soap.
Wash on 'cotton sturdy' with 'warm/cold' water.
Put clothes in dryer.
Dry on high for 60 minutes.
Open dryer door.
iBuds will immediately fall out.
If done correctly your iBuds will function perfectly.
And you'll be stylin'.
Just like me.

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