Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lights Out...

...aka Romantic Blogging.

Yes, it that weird Earth Hour thingy that everybody has been posting on Facebook. At first I thought it was pretty cool...until I went to the Earth Hour website and found out we only have to turn off the lights. So we can watch TV, make spaghetti on the electric range and blow dry our hair, so long as it's done by candlelight. And they encourage live blogging. You see, when I first heard about this I thought we were supposed shut off all our the full rolling blackout thing (is the term rolling blackouts known anywhere outside of SoCal?)

But even though I think this whole thing is retarded, I'm still doing it. The people who live behind me have their lights on. Hang on while I check and see if the rest of the street is Earth Houring....

N-O spells no. We're the only house that is completely dark. This is L.A. people...the City of Angels...the place where everybody eats friggin' tofu and organically grown veggies...headquaters of famous actors and musicians for kabbalah...home of the Scientology Celebrity Center. Shit. Even the catholic high school across the way is completely lit up. What the fuck? You think the brothers, fathers or whoever they are over there could dig an hour of candlelight. Get with it people!! We're trying to save the planet here.

Counting minute to the end of the hour. No one can say I didn't do my part.

P.S. Don't even ask me about the tennis shoe on the table.

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