Sunday, March 08, 2009

Things I Saw In San Francisco

I saw a kid spinning in front of me at Starbucks. I took a picture of him.

I saw several middle-age men in Mill Valley with ponytails wearing berets. Or maybe I just saw the same guy over and over again.

I saw Jaimie get a bogus speeding ticket on the Golden Gate Bridge. She turned me down when I asked her if she wanted me to drive.

I saw Watchmen on Imax. There were some very good bits, but overall it wasn't very satisfying. Now I have to read the novel and see where they screwed up. I figured out it cost six and a quarter cents for each minute I watched. The best part was after we left...two guys were talking, one of them ranting on moving saying something to the effect of "why do they always have to do that?" It went back and forth with no reveal on what "that" was, until finally he blurted out, "Why do they always make the villain the gay guy?" Then he and his boyfriend bounded down the stairs.

I saw a pigeon in Safeway eating from the bottom of the bulk grain shelf. I almost caught a picture of it but a shopper walked by him /her and he/she flew up and landed on the light fixture.

I saw I guy turning left on a yellow light have the front end of his car taken off by a woman running the yellow light from the opposite direction.

I saw a cashier ring up 15% off $72 as $1.50.

I saw a man on Mission Street. His pants and underwear were down around his knees and he was holding a piece of paper torn from a brown paper bag. I chose not to take a picture. Although, if I had, maybe the image wouldn't be emblazoned on my brain.

Enjoy whatever is left of your Sunday.

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