Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mike Gibbins

Badfinger has possibly the most tragic story in rock'n'roll history, but today is drummer Mike Gibbins 60th birthday so I choose to celebrate.


I finally found a video that features a decent amount of face time for Mike...

Happy Birthday, Mike!

And lots of peace and love to Ellie.

You can see lots more pictures and learn more about Mike Gibbins and the 47 other musicians in my tribute book, .


Rockitz said...

Thanks for posting these videos, I'm a Badfinger fanatic, and glad to see others out there. I have some photos of Badfinger at my Facebook site, just search for Brooke Saunders. There is one with me and Mike Gibbins, RIP>


Chesher Cat said...

I couldn't find you on Facebook 'cause there's too many people with your name.

I'm trying to figure out the link to my FB page but in the meantime you can search my name and friend me...I'm the only one.

Rockitz said...

try taliaferro brooke saunders

Rockitz said...

I recently loaded on my blog at two stories about Badfinger and traveling to GB in 1977 and 1980, just search those dates on the site. Thanks!