Monday, March 30, 2009

Sorely Lacking... so many ways. But I'm especially lacking in a post idea to keep up with my post-a-post-everyday New Year's resolution. Which, by the way, I have managed to do and have to say that most of those 88 posts have been pretty substantial. Fuck. Can you believe we have already eaten 88 days this year? Somebody really needs to put a stop to this. Who's got the nukes?

Anyway, I'm sorely lacking blog inspiration today because I was up at 6 am and on my way to LAX by 6:30 am. Did I ever mention I'm not a morning person? Then I came home and an hour later I was at the very busy Beehive trying to knock out 5 acts of our first episode for the potential reality show (as in we're hoping it will sell so you all can actually see it). Knocking out 5 acts is an enormous feat on any day but when you're asleep at the wheel, it's like climbing a mountain barefoot. Anyone besides me notice all my brilliant rock'n'roll references in that sentence? Maybe I should stop right here and go back to working on the show. Back to the reality show, being a full disclosure kind of girl, I have to admit that I only managed the cold open and two thirds of the first act. Sad. Sad. Sad. I should be throttled.

Again, being sorely lacking in post ideas, I first asked Tyler. He said I should post something for Eric Clapton's birthday. And say that he's the only 3-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. All that suggestion did was remind me that I have yet had the opportunity to focus my lens on Mr. Clapton. If you're reading this Eric, Happy Birthday and please call me. Soon.

Then I tweeted my conundrum to my Twitter followers. All 27 of them. How sad is that? Only 27 followers when Demi Moore has 345,363. What the fuck does Demi Moore have that I don't have? Besides Ashton Kutcher? Okay, I may have only 27 but my 27 are quality. And you know the saying, so I don't have to type it. Much to my surprise, within minutes...seconds even, I heard back from three of my 27. That's over 10%. Hey writers, try getting that kind of response when you send out a query to agents.

My first response was from my new friend Paul. Thanks again for that delicious dinner. He suggested I write about the 200 people that Google laid of today. My response...Who's Google? Then he offered up Astrud Gilberto's birthday...even after I checked out her website I still didn't know who she was...I'm obviously lacking culture.

Next I heard from my longtime screenwriter friend David Anaxagorus (try saying that ten times after you've had a few margaritas) who is famous for his , and even more famous for winning my back in May 2006 (here's the with all the entries). He thinks I should write about the worst creative advice I ever got. How about the day someone told me I should quit my day job? In all seriousness, that's a question I would have to ponder, and it's pretty deep for my present state of consciousness (like it just took me 2 minutes to figure out which word I was looking for there - it started out as conscien before I realized my brain was wondering into La La land). But not to avoid the question, off the top of my head I would say that I'm not sure because I only listen to the good advice.

Then my new New Zealand friend, Jay (AraneaNZ on Twitter) suggested I check out this website for inspiration, warning that it might take a while to load. It didn't, but this is what I got...

Even though I suck at Spanish (is that Spanish?), I'm going to take a guess that it says I need Flash. But, amigos, I already got zee Flash. So I ain't clicking the link. Jay, please explain what I missed in the comments section. I was, however, inspired to use the website window as my photo for the day so that was a huge contribution. Thank you. And, as a bonus, everyone gets to see what other things I've been doing today. You'll notice I did look at the Astrud site. I was also reading the Mr. and Mrs. Smith treatment earlier today for inspiration on writing the reality thing (it's a must-read for any screenwriters out there). And I was on Virgin America looking for an escape route. Obviously, since I'm still here, that didn't work out.

Would you look at that... There I was sorely lacking a post idea but just by putting the fingers to the keys, PRESTO, a post to post.

Now I can sleep in peace. Hopefully for the whole night. Without interruption. Please...

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AraneaNZ said...

Hi there, yes, you do need flash installed to view that site.

Its a flash 'toy', a visualization of a song called "Soy tu aire"

A couple of screen shots at