Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fun Times With My Brother

I'm sick. My head cold is quickly moving downward and taking up residence in my lungs. Ugh.

My brother is on the return leg of his trip from Australia to Canada and staying at my place for a couple of days.

I took this of him this morning at Mel's, where we had breakfast.

In honor of his visit and the fact that I feel like complete shit, I thought it might be FUN to revisit a time long ago. A time when I was up in Toronto printing my first book. A time when I was getting from place to place via mass in the cleanest subway system on the planet.

Then my brother showed up for a visit. He had a rental car. He picked me up from the printer's one afternoon and we drove downtown for something or other.

I only remember the other. The other turned out to be this...

It took a full year for the last bit of windshield to work it's way out of my head. I still have the scar on my leg.

He's not driving on this visit.

I'm filing this under Fun Times With My Brother.


Anonymous said...

I got knocked down but i got up again!!

Anonymous said...

Seatbelt What seatbelt !!!

Steve B said...

Wow, the ladies in your family seem to have a thing for "unintended head incisions"...BTW, how is your daughter doing? I hope she's doing well.