Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Round-Up

Here's the this and that of what I can remember from this past week, or maybe just today...

1. For some reason I feel really tired. Maybe I actually worked hard. Or didn't get enough sleep. Or both.

2. As a former competitive skier, I was very disturbed by the death of Natasha Richardson. So sad. So tragic. So unreal. When I was 12 there was a really sweet blonde girl on our ski team named Laura. She was standing at the bottom of a slope (not a bunny one, mind you) waiting for everyone to congregate. She didn't realize that some teenage show-off boys had created a make-shift ski jump of packed snow a few yards up the slope. Some jackass kid came flying down the hill, went over the jump and clipped Laura in the side of her head with his ski tip. It was the first funeral I ever attended. Her casket was white. It was petite. Just like her. I will never forget.

3. I've been considering other services my company can offer. Been thinking about focusing a section of my on services I do and want to provide. It's taking me forever to assemble the materials/content...I wish I had someone that could help. I'm taking a special interest in the photography portion, offering services in all areas - film production stills, music, parties (only cool one) etc - and had to quickly throw up (not vomit) some of my production stills for a potential client. I could only find some from one movie I did...I think the ones I shot on another movie are stuck on a hard drive I can't mount. Anyway here are a few of my faves from the 20-some I put up.

Seymour and

These photos are from Big Heart City and you can see more of them (click "production stills"). And to E.C Henry, that's where you can also check out my key art/movie poster design work.

4. I'm beginning to get the hang of Twitter, although there's this really weird feeling surrounding the actual doing of it. Can't really describe it...maybe it's the idea of putting myself out there and not knowing who's watching or reading. Wait a sec, that's what I do on here. Except I'm not limited to 140 characters - I can blather on and on.

5. This week's favorite search words used to arrive at my blog were "hippy dippy mop" which landed the person .

6. This week's least favorite search words used to arrive at my blog were "dead fuck daughter". It doesn't surprise me that they used a search engine called Web Ferret. What kind of a freak searches those words? Whoever it was landed on my It's Brain Surgery Pt. 1 post. I see how they ended up there...I'm going in there to change what I wrote right now (it wasn't what he searched). And btw, I only show these vile ones to illuminate my readers to the fact that there are indeed a few scumbags trolling the world wide web, and to let you know this particular one lives in San Paulo, Brazil. Lock your doors if you have a daughter.

7. This weekend I watched a movie that I hadn't seen since I was a kid. It was one of the movies that had a profound effect on me. As a matter of fact, I think it's responsible with my interest in death (like knowing it is the last thing I will experience on Earth and my waffling about what's on the Other Side, or if the Other Side even exists) and the fact that I like to take pictures of graveyards and I like to imagine the lives of the people buried and what it would have been like to know them. And I mourn them....I better shut up now. Anyway, this was the movie...

It plays a little cheesier now but I still think it's great. Didn't realize it was a Roger Corman picture. So, thank you, Roger Corman, for giving me my dark side.

Enjoy what little is left of your weekend.

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