Saturday, June 13, 2009


What to keep? What to sell? What to donate? What to trash? Those are the questions.

I finished the file drawer I started a couple of days ago. And a whole other drawer. And actually turned two file drawers into one. That is satisfaction.

I also - finally - got around to taking care a pile of papers and other stuff that was piled up on a buffet table in my living room since the contents of a storage closet in a room that was once my second office was dumped and strewn all over the house...a couple of months ago.

And during that I found this photo taken in another office I had in another house I once owned. The house I wish I never sold. But that's another story. Anyway, you can pretty much tell how old this picture is...

...because my hair is shorter than Andre Agassi's.

And that concludes the entertainment for today.

Except to let you know I succeeded on Facebook. My new URL is . Feel free to click on it and add me as a friend.

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