Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have no idea.

Got up.

Drank coffee (decaf).

Ate chocolate pudding cake with strawberries.

Took a shower.

Sent some emails.

Made some calls.

Talked to an entertainment lawyer.

Used liquid plumber.

Cleaned out a bookcase.

Swept the floor.

Cleaned out two large file drawers (the horizontal kind).

Thought about a lot of stuff.

Made a salad.

Hit the post office.

Drove to Hollywood.

Stood in a hella-hot line for a screening.

Took my picture.

Talked to a guy who recognized me from Cannon ('88).

Watched a movie.

Went for half a cheeseburger.

Drove home.

Gathered my computer and wacom from my office.

Spilled the remaining decaf on my desk.

Got paper towels.

Swabbed the desk.

Brushed my teeth.

Went to my room.

Retouched a photograph (not mine).

Wrote a blog post.

Admired my picture (I quite like it).

Hit the publish post button.

Went to sleep.

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