Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lost Angeles

It's really difficult to treat you to anything new and exciting when I have tunnel vision. And when my life is like a construction zone. Complete with scaffolding, jack hammers, ever-changing blueprints, hard hats, and cussing. Or maybe it's more of a deconstruction zone with carefully placed explosives. We'll have to wait and see.

I have no idea where today went. I believe it morphed into Superman because it was definitely faster than a speeding bullet. Which is not good for me because I only have two full days left before the first phase of the reconstruction (see how positive-thinking I am?) of my life has to be completed. Call it the molting phase. Two days? Not nearly enough.

During this phase and the early part of phase two, I doubt I will be in the zone to impart anything remotely close to rock'n'roll. Such as diving into the file cabinet to find and post some new old pictures of a rock star I forgot I shot. Other than, of course, a birthday and deathday coming up later this week.

In the meantime, you'll have to settle for my cryptic musings. In addition to that potentially boring prospect, I will try and find something interesting to shoot everyday that I can post for the art of photography's sake...which means my weirder in how I see the world...and myself in this one that I shot sometime last week...

I was going to call it California but I thought I should be more specific so I'm going with Lost Angeles.

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Steve B said...

Well at least you have a plan. That's an interesting picture. At first glance, the skyline of the photo on your screen makes it look like you got a really bad Beatle haircut. And just who are those folks lined up behind you? They may just be packing kryptonite...also, I like your copyright thingy. It's like trying to find the hidden bunny on the cover of Playboy...Carry on...;)