Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reader Appreciation Day

It's true. I appreciate each and every one of you. Especially the regulars. A few of you are regulars, right? I know there are a gazillion blogs that you could be reading right now and here you are reading mine. Thank you.

I really wish blogs didn't have to be virtual. I wish we were all in the same place - say in a cozy cafe on Quai de la Tournelle gazing across the river at Notre Dame - having a conversation face-to-face instead of me plopped on my bed writing these words and you, sometime later, reading my words to yourself, wherever you are, in complete anonymity to me. It's not fair. At least you can see my picture. There are probably 90% of you that I will never have the opportunity to know or even see your picture.

But I digress. That maudlin rant was not the point of this post. This is Reader Appreciation Day. The day where I let you know how honored I am that you've stopped by. And especially appreciative of those of you who drop in and then come back on a regular basis.

I was thinking about it this afternoon. What can I give back to the people who take time out of their day to read my blog? And I immediately had a flash. How about a print?

So, that's what I'm going to do. Sort of. I can't afford to do a give-away that will require me to outlay cash. Sorry. But times are tough. My house on Easy Street was sold off when I was twelve. I'm struggling just like everybody else. Well, except maybe John Mayer or, I don't know, who else makes a boatload of cash these days? Oh yeah, that chick that's on TV every afternoon...what's her name...Oprah.

But I am going to offer a couple of prints for what it costs me to package and ship. These are the prints...

I'm going to "give away" 20 of each print. Your shipping and packing cost is $12.50. You need to send me an email to telling me what you want to order and your mailing address. If they're still available I will send you back an email instructing you how to make the payment on Paypal. If you order a 2nd print at the same time, your total will be $17.50. Limit of two prints per person and you can order two of the same or one of each.

In case you don't know, the Tom Waits print sells for $30 + $8 shipping and the George Harrison print currently sells for $15 + $8 shipping. So, I figure the $12.50 is a deal and $17.50 for two prints pretty much kills. And as I said, I can only offer 20 of each print. Sorry I can't afford to make them completely free.

Thanks again for taking an interest in what I do. If we were at that Parisian cafe I'd give you a big, fat hug.

***ooops...I forgot to mention...this offer is only available to US addresses...if you're somewhere else you can email me and I can give you a quote for the shipping cost to your destination***

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