Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ron Aspery

Ever hear of Ron Aspery? Ever hear of a band called Back Door? I didn't think so.

I probably wouldn't have either had they not been the opening act for Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Back Door were a three-man jazz-sort-of-rock-fusion band that managed to blow 17,500 people away when they didn't even fill a quarter of the stage at the Coliseum in Vancouver. And Ron Aspery played a wicked saxophone and wasn't bad on the flute too.

Today is a celebration of Ron Aspery's 63rd birthday.


Unfortunately, I couldn't find any footage of Ron playing live but this is the next best thing. So, sit back and feast your ears on the saxophone of Back Door's Ron Aspery...

You can see more pictures and learn more about Ron Aspery and the 47 other musicians in my tribute book, .

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JohnnyD said...

I knew Ron very well for a short period in his life before he passed away so tragically. I can recall vividly seeing him in my office for the first time looking a bit dishevelled. He told me he had left his BMW at home and was like "Oh Yeah". I honestly didnt believe him. However by the time he had told me his life story I was full of nothing but admiration for this amazing musician. Every time I met him after he was asking me to go to some gig or other to watch him play. He would even ring the Office and leave messages for me.

I did meet him in a pub in Rottingdean and promised I would go to one of these gigs. I did so some time later. He was playing with Herbie Flowers and a couple of others and was as I expected amazing. I recall also that he gave me several cd's that he had produced in his own home studio (something else I didnt believe first time he told me) but unfortunately I couldnt keep them because of the nature of my work. I regret I didnt now.

My fondest memories of Ron was that he was an amazingly funny, witty guy. Sadly life wasnt as good as it could have been for him towards the end and I noticed when I went to see him play that he appeared to have lots of hangers ons that were never going to help his situation.

I do have a double cd that Ron produced for the mass market. Its mainly cover versions of popular hits but his Sax style is unmistakable. An awsome guy who is remembered with great fondness.