Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sick Day

I planned to sleep in. Seems like whenever I plan a sleep-in day...

7:30am - Pumpkin jumps off the bed. She's the best sleeper-inner I know. What is going on? (Wait! She's growling at me right now. Does she know I'm writing about her? Is she protesting?) Okay, back to the story. She jumps off the bed at the unGodly hour of 7:30am on my sleep-in Saturday and starts heaving. Fortunately, she never throws up without a bunch of warning heaves that give me enough time to grab a pile of paper towels or whisk her outside.

Except today. My scramble abilities were set on low. So the new carpet got christened. And I got to clean it there wouldn't be a stain. And at that point there was no going back to sleep. I had coffee. Did some work. Then toast. Did some more work. Then Pumpkin went another round. Then did some work.

Then IT crept in. The beginnings of a headache. It wasn't even noon. My turn to be sick? Took some Advil. Nothing. Went for a swim in the cool waters of the pool. Temporary relief. Made a kefir/acai fruit smoothie. Pushing on the real thing headache. Out of Advil. Took some sinus pill. No help. Did some more work. Watched my day slip away. Passed out around 4. Woke up at 5:30. Headache downgraded to linger mode. Eyes watering. Made some pasta. Felt a little better. Not perfect.

The heat was finally dissipating. Took Pumpkin for a long walk. Talked on the phone to a friend. Goodbye day. Hopefully, the real work will get done tomorrow.

Sorry I messed up your sleep-in day.

That's okay. I still love you.

You can sleep in tomorrow.

No I can't. I have to be somewhere at 10am.

Maybe Monday.

Yeah, maybe Monday...if I get enough done on Sunday.


Steve B said...

Aw man, talk about puppy dog eyes! Hope your feeling better!

Steve B said...

I mean you're...