Monday, June 08, 2009


I have spent the last two hours searching for a piece of paper that I need for tomorrow morning.

No luck.



Lame duck.

But all is not lost... At least I found a Polaroid photo I was looking for a couple of months ago that I wanted to scan and post. And now I'm wondering if I had actually scanned it and posted it before and hadn't filed it back in its proper place.

Well, too bad if I did...'cause I got nothing else. If you need to understand why, just scroll down and read yesterday's post. And what I didn't mention yesterday is that my office is a hella mess and I'm so far behind on things I'm supposed to deal with - you know, those things that I should deal with in the moment but I let pile up until they become an overwhelming mountain of crap that will eat up tons of time to shovel through with absolutely no return for me? Yeah, those things.

Okay, never mind. Like I said, I did find this Polaroid that I couldn't find before and whether or not I had found it before and posted it, I am posting it again. It is one of my fondest memories...

This was one of the times I was staying at Maureen's house. Probably the time that Ringo was there recuperating from intestinal surgery. He may have even taken this picture. I had a lot of fun there...staying up really really late...doing artsy-crafty things...drinking yummy Irish coffees with double cream. And posing for ridiculously silly pictures.

Now, if I could just find that piece of paper...

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